About Katie Guymer
T.A.N.E. Training


A fitness fanatic at heart, Katie Guymer is a dedicated personal trainer based in Kununurra WA.

Focussed on training hard and achieving results, Kate created TANE Training in 2018 to offer challenging workouts that really pushed her clients personal limits – in a good way!

Incorporating a combination of Crossfit, F45 and Les Mills styled sessions, Kates workouts are as unique as she is – and will have you grappling for more.

No matter what level of fitness you are, the workouts will start your road to the best version of you. If you’re ready to sweat, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Join the team, and there is no doubt you’ll start to see and feel the results and be joining Kate and her squad on the daily – because there are no excuses!

There Are No Excuses.

Rain, hail or shine we work out and when class starts, we channel a go hard or go home attitude. It’s a guaranteed 45-60minutes of sweat!

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